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Healthcare public relations covers several sectors, including biotech, pharmaceuticals, animal health, vaccines, medical technology, and health care providers. This is a big and complex industry to help people get healthy and stay healthy. AnjaniPR help promote products that improve quality of life and we help clients navigate the needs of a rapidly changing healthcare payer landscape and the needs of patients in this modern era of growing demand, changing laws and shrinking budgets.



New technology especially social media platforms present significant implications for public relations. It may be in the form of blogs or YouTube videos; internet have transformed how public uses information. The traditional role of media is in a state of enormous flux. All new tech has become the standard tools that continue to influence public relations practices and policies. Our team have expertise in using all the latest trends and technologies. Providing you the best content for your organisation.



Small businesses and start-ups require an altogether different positioning in the media and hiring the right PR agency is essential for your brand building. We deal in start-ups across industries from Healthcare, Lifestyle to IT/Technology. We provide focused and customised communications offerings to start-ups and upcoming brands from various industries as well as investor networks. We endeavour to create effective PR strategy which highlight your start-ups and its products and help you build your brand.

art and culture

Art & Culture

Being creative and innovative is at the heart of our approach. We work with leading heritage sites, exhibition ceremonies, museums, galleries, arts and festivals, contemporary artists and musicians to help them build and amplify their message. We know the media business, how it works and the right way to get results. At AnjaniPR, we work collaboratively with our arts and culture clients to understand your objectives and needs, whether that is telling your brand story, expanding target audience or increasing the social media presence of yours. Our team deliver measurable campaigns that make a real difference.

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